Sour Candy

Warheads Sour Sweet and Fruity Jelly Cubes 142G

7.88 د.إ incl. Vat

Enjoy the tangy thrill of Warheads Sour Sweet and Fruity Jelly Cubes. Packed with sour goodness and fruity flavor in convenient 142g packaging, they're the perfect on-the-go snack for sour candy lovers everywhere.

Warheads Wally Sour And Sweet Fruity Chewy Candy 113G

9.50 د.إ incl. Vat

Like tiny candy construction blocks, these chewy candy cube shapes have a yummy sour sugar coating. Every box is assorted with your favorite flavors - Sour Chewy Cubes Green Apple, BlueRaspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon,Orange and Black Cherry