Spreads & Dips

I Am Superspicy – Spicy Ketchup 315G

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Numerous dishes such as egg, meat, fish and chicken. Also as a sauce for barbecue, fondue, gourmet and stone grill. Delicious to serve as a dipping sauce with various snacks, sandwiches, hot dogs, with fries and potatoes. In short, a sauce for daily use.

Santa Maria Dip Salsa Hot 250G

16.00 د.إ incl. Vat

Santa Maria Dip Salsa Hot - 250g: Spice up your snacks with Santa Maria Dip Salsa Hot. This 250g jar contains a fiery and zesty salsa dip, perfect for adding heat and flavor to your chips, tacos, or grilled dishes. Experience the authentic taste of Mexican-inspired salsa with a satisfying kick.

Santa Maria Dip Salsa Medium 250G

16.00 د.إ incl. Vat

Santa Maria Dip Salsa Medium - 250g: Enjoy the perfect balance of flavor and spice with Santa Maria Dip Salsa Medium. This 250g jar features a delicious and tangy salsa dip with a medium level of heat. Use it as a dip, condiment, or flavor enhancer to bring a touch of Mexico to your meals.

Nutella – 25 G

4.25 د.إ incl. Vat

Nutella - 25g: Experience the rich and creamy taste of Nutella in a compact 25g jar. This mini-sized jar is ideal for travel, picnics, or enjoying a small indulgence. Spread it on bread, toast, or pastries for a delightful hazelnut and chocolate flavor.

Kewpie Mayonnaise 450G

21.00 د.إ incl. Vat

Kewpie Mayonnaise 450g: Experience the rich and creamy taste of Kewpie Mayonnaise. This 450g bottle contains the iconic Japanese mayonnaise known for its smooth texture and umami flavor. It's a versatile condiment that can be used to enhance the taste of sandwiches, salads, sushi, and more. Elevate your dishes with the deliciousness of Kewpie Mayonnaise.

Pistachino -Pistachio Cream Crunchy Spread 190 G

32.50 د.إ incl. Vat

Pistachino - Pistachio Cream Crunchy Spread 190G: A crunchy variant of pistachio cream spread. It contains small pieces of crushed pistachios for added texture and nutty flavor.

Santa Maria Dip Guacamole Style 250 G

14.75 د.إ incl. Vat

Mexican guacamole flavored dipping sauce. Good with Mexican dishes as a dipping sauce or drink. Good for dipping chips or vegetables right in the can. Perfect for picnics or nature trips.